Mother’s Day Special - Gwyneth Paltrow

Academy award winning Hollywood actress and the founder of Goop expressing her feelings on becoming a mother

Proud Mom of Two

Gwyneth has birthed two children - daughter Apple and son Moses. Here is what she says.

When Apple was Born

“I remember the morning my daughter, Apple, came into the world. I felt this incredible rush of love. It was so shocking that I asked my mother: "Do you love me this much?" It reframed completely how I saw motherhood”

When Moses was Born

“I expected to follow the same emotional template. But for the first several months, I experienced postpartum depression. I was overwhelmed by all of the feelings — most acutely, shame — even though I knew then, as I know now, that Moses would light up my life.”

Motherhood in Hindsight of the Early Days

“My experience of motherhood in those early days was different." But in hindsight, I can see how many things were exactly the same. I loved them both so much. I wondered who they would become. I sang to them. And, of course, I wiped their butts. A lot.”

Children are Jewels to Every Mother

Every mother treats her children as a priceless delicate jewel. Do you treat her back the same way? Happy Mother’s Day