Nancy Mace: Life, Politics & Fashion

Early Life & Education

Born at Fort Liberty, NC, she became the first woman to graduate from the Citadel’s Corps of Cadets with a degree in Business Administration Later earned a master's degree in journalism and mass communication from Univ. of Georgia.

Political Ascent & Trump Campaign

Started her political journey with volunteering for Ron Paul to a Senate run. In 2016 she backed Trump as a key campaign figure.

Member - U.S. House of Representatives

The Republican politician represents a district from South Carolina in the US House of Representatives.

Bold Political Statements

Known for her fire brand statements particularly during the Congressional hearing of Hunter Biden case.

Bold Fashion Statements

Not just bold political expressions, Nancy is known for making headlines for her fashion-forward disposition.

Signature Fashion Style

Nancy Mace is often seen styling a signature pearl necklace, exuding elegance and boldness.

Her Love for Diamond

Mace seems quite fond of diamond jewelry and was also spotted wearing a luxurious diamond bracelet during an event.

Nancy Mace’s Birthstone

Born on December 04, 1977, Nancy Mace has tanzanite as her birthstone though she might not even be aware of this!

Make Your Own Bold Statements

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