White Gold vs Silver: A Definitive Comparison

Discern the true nature of these metals to pick wisely

White Gold

An alloy of gold with nickel or palladium, zinc and copper, white gold is often plated with rhodium


Silver is a naturally occurring soft metal that’s prone to deform, thus mixed with copper for molding

Which Is The Most Lustrous?

No metal can match the luster of silver as it’s the brightest of them all

Typical Markings In the U.S.

White gold is marked as 14K or 18K, while the markings on silver are 925, S925 or .925

Which Metal Tarnishes Easily?

Silver is more likely to tarnish compared to white gold


Because white gold is often plated with rhodium, it’s more durable than silver

Which Metal Is Affordable?

Silver is more affordable than white gold

What’s Your Take Now?

Which metal will you pick for your jewelry? The one that’s more lustrous and affordable or the one that’s durable?

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