Indian PM Gifts a Diamond to the US First Lady

Obsessed with diamonds? Know about the diamond gifted by Mr. Modi to the US First Lady.

A Lab-gown Masterpiece

The diamond is a 7.5 carat lab-grown green diamond from Surat - the diamond city of India.

Where and when it was gifted

It was given to the First Lady before the private dinner at White House on Wednesday, 21 June 2023.

Significance of this lab-grown diamond

The diamond is not green in color but is called green diamond because wind and solar energy have been used in creating, cutting and polishing this diamond.

Symbolism of the 7.5 carat diamond

This 7.5 carat diamond symbolizes the glory of 75 years of Indian independence and its sustainable international relations..

About its papier mâché box

The box is known as kar-e-kalamdani and it involves sakthsazior meticulous preparation of paper pulp and ‘naqqashi’ meaning ornate engraving.

What was Jill Biden’s reaction

First Lady accepted the gifted diamond whole-heartedly and her priceless reaction is being widely shared on social media.

Other gifts from Mr Modi

The other gifts were a Das Danam or the 10 donations sandalwood box with an idol of Lord Ganesha and the first edition of the book ‘The Ten Principal Upanishads’.

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