Listing Order in a Traditional American Wedding Ceremony

Refer to the following slides to get a glimpse of a classic American wedding ceremony…

Beginning With “The Wedding Processional”

The procession is headed by the bride’s mother, followed by the groom, best man, the wedding guests, flower girls, and ring bearer, with the bride and her father being the last to enter the ceremony

Reciting “Words of Welcome”

The officiant welcomes the wedding guests and thanks them for their auspicious presence on witnessing the new couple’s union

“Introduction” & “Readings”

The officiant expresses his views on marriage and may share the couple’s love story with the audience in the ceremony which may be followed by any readings from the invited readers

“Addressing the Couple”

The officiant then addresses the couple to be married and tells them the importance of the sacred vows and the responsibilities involved in a marriage

Couple “Exchanging Vows”

The bride and the groom recite their wedding vows in turns to share their love and commitment to each other for a lifetime and beyond

Couple “Exchanging Wedding Rings”

Followed by the vow recitation by both partners, they exchange their wedding rings on their ring fingers which symbolizes their marriage

Couple Sealing it With a  “Kiss”

Once the couple exchange the rings, they kiss each other to officiate their marriage…and yes, it’s a part of the wedding ceremony and not an expression of love

Couple Performing “Unity Ceremony”

The couple would do a task or ritual together as a married couple to represent their new companionship, such as binding the couple’s hands with a ribbon, couple lighting a candle together, etc.

Giving Couple “Final Blessings”

The officiant reads out a final poem or prayer, blessing the married couple with happiness, fertility, loyalty, and prosperity

Time for “The Recessional”

The officiant introduces the married couple to the guests who applaud for the couple as the latter walk down the aisle

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