November Birthstones– Topaz and Citrine

Topaz, known for its mesmerizing hues, is said to bring warmth and passion to its wearer’s life.

Topaz: The Fiery Gem

Citrine: The Golden Treasure

Citrine, a gem that shines like magnificent sunlight, is believed to bring prosperity and joy to those who adorn it.

Adulation in History

People of ancient times believed that topaz & citrine held mystical powers and give protection against negative energies.

Modern Beliefs

Even today, people embrace topaz and citrine for their metaphysical and balancing qualities, which provide a sense of inner peace.

November Birthstone Jewelry

Unleash the magic of November by prettifying yourself with topaz and citrine jewelry such as earrings, ring, pendant and bracelet.

Explore the Spectrum

Topaz and citrine have their signature colors but these gems also exist in a spectrum of shades. Topaz comes in blue, green, yellow, brown and white, whereas citrine is available in yellow, greenish-yellow, brownish yellow or orange.

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