Creative Ways To Propose With A Ruby Ring

A unique proposal adds an unforgettable twist to the moment, turning a simple "yes" into a cherished story for a lifetime!

Nothing is as romantic as stargazing with your beloved! Make the night more magical by proposing to her with a ruby ring under the stars, confessing that your love shines just as brightly!

Under the Stars

Take your partner on an art gallery or museum date and arrange to have the ruby ring displayed as a part of an exhibit. This romantic proposal will definitely catch her off-guard!

Art Gallery or Museum

Embark on a nature hike to a beautiful spot, like a waterfall or mountain peak. With nature's beauty as your backdrop, your proposal couldn't be more romantic!

Nature Hike

Is there a place that holds special memories for you and your partner? Take your partner on a date night to your favorite spot and propose to her with a breathtaking ruby ring!

A Special Date

Every girl who has watched the "Tangled" movie dreams of the romantic floating lantern proposal. Take her to the Floating Lanterns Festival, or ask your friends for help to recreate the scene!

The ‘Tangled’ Movie Proposal

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A Romantic Ring For A Dreamy Proposal