Ways To Discreetly Get Her Ring Size

Want to get her ring size without her knowing? We’ve got you covered!

If She Wears a Ring Regularly…

Draw an impression of its inner side on a paper. Compare the diameter of the ring’s impression with online ring size charts.

…If She Doesn’t Wear Any Ring

Adding 2 in the half of her shoe size will give you her approximate ring size. For instance, if her shoe size is 8, her ring size will be 6.

Look Into Her Buying History

If she’s ever bought a ring for herself online, you’ll get her ring size.

Ask Her Family Or Friends

Take help of her family or friends. Ask her ring size from her close ones because there are chances that they might know it.

The Next Step?

Once you’ve determined her ring size, head to GemsNY’s stores in New Jersey or New York or order online to get a ring that’s perfect for her.