For centuries, everybody has coveted diamonds. Let’s find out why

Why is Everybody Fascinated With Diamonds?

Unmatched Brilliance

No other gemstone can match the fire and brilliance you get in diamond.

Natural Diamonds Are Precious

It takes billions of years to form natural diamond crystals, making them a symbol of status and luxury.

Association With Nobility

Diamonds are an integral part of almost every royal treasure around the world.

Hardest Substance On Earth

With the hardness score of 10 on the Mohs scale of hardness, diamond is the hardest substance on Earth.

Diamond Is Used In Many Industries

Being the toughest gem on Earth, diamond is used for cutting and sharpening purposes in many industries.

Fit For Every Jewel

A diamond can add glam to any jewel, as both a centerstone or an accent stone.

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